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With an education in technology and related specialties, Aaron's entrance to the media environment began on radio in southern California. A nationally syndicated talk show host and print magazine, (distributed by Time Inc.) soon followed.

With a handful of humble business entities, a decade or so later he decided to divest most of his media interests and pursue more altruistic, political endeavors.

As a non-partisan media and political strategist, Aaron hosts Stipko Live. He is neither liberal, conservative, or independent, and drinks a multitudinous amount of coffee.

Now, aside from the murky fog of travel, Aaron's days are filled with doing what he can to abolish the party system and have the civilized world of diplomacy become non-partisan. The conduit for these efforts is the trust, AND Magazine, and TED. Whatever meager charitable efforts he can give, go to Americans and others worldwide in need, animal rescue, and the ever-elusive world peace.