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Kings of the World Title Song Montage from Nat T on Vimeo.

Check it out: "Kings of the World" is a new film about the world of Gipsy music in Southern France that will air on French TV ARTE on April 26. The clip on our gallery page features Gipsy Royale guitarist Mario Regis, Andre Reyes and Canut singing and some wonderful scenes of the life they lead in this unique world of music. Director Natalia Tsarkova will be filming the upcoming Gipsy Royale album recording in May to turn the TV program into a full length documentary film which will largely feature the new Gipsy Royale band"
Photo Gallery
Andre and son Thomas, Gipsy Royale
Gipsy Royale
Gipsy Royale
Gipsy Royale
Gipsy Royale in Arles, France
Group photo 3
Group photo 4
Patchai & Pablo
At Marouatte Castle
The band at a recording break
Kumba and Gipsy Royale
Stipko Gallery 3.2

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