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The story of GIPSY ROYALE is almost identical to the story of the Gipsy Kings as Reyes brothers Andre, Pablo and Patchai were founding members of that band from 1978 until the end of 2014. The Reyes brothers were originally part of a group formed by their famous flamenco father Jose Reyes, a 'gitano' who fled Catalonia in the 1930's Spanish Civil War. Born in Arles, France the brothers retained their Spanish/Catalonian culture which always played an important part in their music. Very much a family or extended family affair the members of the Reyes family and cousins eventually morphed into the Gypsy Kings and took the music to worldwide success with its rumba flamenco style mixing pop influences and traditional Romani melodies. Though they sing mostly in Catalan and Spanish it was always with a passion and emotive style that transcended language.

A dispute at the end of 2014 led the Gipsy Kings to split into two camps with some confusion as all the eight original members had rights to the name Gipsy Kings. Three of the Reyes brothers and original Gipsy Kings, Andre, Pablo and Patchai Reyes were joined by three sons, Tambo Reyes (son of Patchai), Thomas Reyes (son of Andre) and 'petite' Canute (son of Pablo) and guitar virtuoso Mario Regis to form a new band. Also several musicians of the Gipsy Kings backing band headed by Xavier Padilla rounded out the group. They secured long time Police/Sting manager and music icon Miles Copeland as manager who advised against a long drawn out battle over the name Gipsy Kings, preferring a fresh start with a new moniker. GIPSY ROYALE was the name chosen to launch this new band and it officially launched on March 9, 2015.

Musically with such a membership it is not surprising that the sound of Gipsy Royale is very true to the sound that made the Gipsy Kings successful in the first place. As Andre Reyes says, 'we will remain true to our roots, that is who we are' The 7 acoustic guitars with classic gipsy vocals and a super backing band gives Gipsy Royale a stunning sound and exciting stage presence enabling them to present a show even more powerful than the Gipsy Kings from which they started.

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